Episode Zero: Start Here

Join us for a conversation about spirituality without pretense. Our aim is to support you in navigating your own path, hearing and abiding by your conscience. We’re interested in uncovering and exploring what works and what’s empowering – the really practical stuff. We bring you our Citizen Twelve Steps, inspired by the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Our Steps are for ANYONE – no alcoholism or any other condition required. This approach is intended to deliver the best of what’s at the heart of the AA steps without what we see as the unnecessary barriers that make them less than accessible to non-alcoholics (and atheists and others). Our understanding is that the AA founders intended that their spiritual approach be available to anyone, not just alcoholics.

The Citizen Twelve Steps

Host: Paige R. Hulsey | Cohost: Emily R. Bogen

Real Rent: https://www.realrentduwamish.org

Link to our steps: http://www.complexiphy.org/c12

Music from Elijah: www.instagram.com/elijah_seattle