Our Story

Complexiphy offers consulting and coaching and produces events and podcasts, all with the intention of supporting people living in alignment with their conscience and discerning what that is. We launched as a Social Purpose Corporation in May, 2018.

Paige R. Hulsey (they/Them)

Complexiphy Founder and Host of the Citizen Twelve Podcast

Paige received their undergraduate degree from the University Of Washington School Of Public Health, and master’s degrees in both public health and social work from Temple University’s College of Public Health. Paige has worked with countless individuals to navigate many areas of life. Paige is an Autistic, queer, nonbinary, white settler in long term recovery from polysubstance use disorder, and identifies as disabled. Paige co-created, and for years, facilitated an innovative peer support group for Autistic adults in Seattle. Paige now works as a public health researcher, evaluating health programs through an Indigenous evaluation framework. Paige enjoys collaborative work to fulfill what matters to them– empowering people to live by their own conscience and discerning what that is.